3 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile App For Your Freelancers 

In today’s workforce, freelancers play a crucial role in the success of many businesses. Whether you’re a startup or a well-established company, harnessing the power of freelancers can provide you with flexibility, specialized skills, and cost-effectiveness. Something our brands at AllWork have seen first hand! But with this remote workforce comes a management challenge. So, […]

5 Ways Technology Can Help Boost Holiday Retail Sales

As the summer days begin to wind down, the buzz of the holiday shopping season is steadily approaching. Smart retailers know that now is the time to lay the groundwork for success in the bustling months ahead. The key to a successful holiday season? Harnessing the power of technology to boost sales, enhance the shopping […]

Freelancers Want Technology! Is Your Company Ready?

The rise of the freelance economy has been gaining momentum in recent years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Not only are our own clients here at AllWork increasing their freelancer hiring but this is something the workforce is seeing across the board. Over 36% of the US working population now identifies as freelancers, contract, […]

The State of Freelancer Payments is a Mess

Onboarding, classifying, and paying freelancers is a much different process than managing full-time employees. Those who choose to freelance usually do so in order to have more flexibility in their work schedules. This need for flexibility also extends to payments. Unfortunately, most companies have a bad track record when it comes to paying their freelancers. The […]

Flexible Work vs. Gig Work. What’s the Difference?

A LOT has been written in recent years about the Gig Economy in the US, and it’s not a surprise considering that 36% of the workforce now identifies as a “Gig Worker”. Among all of this talk of the Ubers and Postmates of the world, it’s easy to throw other terms into the mix like […]

Will Freelancers Replace Full-Time Employees? The Majority of Executives Say Yes.

According to a new report released by Ceridian, a human capital management software firm, 62% of global executives believe that freelancers, or gig workers, will substantially replace full-time employees within the next five years. The findings also shed some light on how the post-pandemic workplace may be configured, with many executives maintaining hybrid and remote […]

Freelancers, Gig Economy Compliance, and Startups: The Hidden Freelancer Market

By Glenn Laumeister, AllWork CEO This past year, the Gig Economy has progressed way beyond drivers for Uber or Lyft, and now consists of a more diverse and skilled workforce. With the pandemic, more than ever, the Gig Economy has gone mainstream. This includes companies of all sizes. With the opportunity to take advantage of […]

The Return of Retail: How You Should Prepare

Last year, the spread of the coronavirus caused retailers to shutter and in-person shopping to grind to a halt. But these past few months have shown that shoppers are gradually returning to stores, marking a shift from the predominantly online consumer habits that dominated 2020. In fact, visits to physical stores have increased by 28.5% […]