Integrated Freelancer
Payroll & Compliance

One system is all you need! AllWork pays all types of freelancers including 1099 and W-2 classification, shift-based, and project-based.

What we take off your plate: 

Full Freelancer

Our team of payroll experts ensures compliance with all federal, state, and local laws. This means your team will always receive the correct benefits including health, worker’s comp, insurance, and sick time.

All-In-One Payroll 

AllWork provides secure onboarding of talent and administration of all paychecks to ensure that talent is paid on time. Approve invoices or timesheets and we pay your freelancers quickly and compliantly.

Onboarding = Handled

AllWork is one complete system for all freelancer onboarding, payments, and compliance. We collect all necessary tax and payment forms from your team. 

Complex Classification
No More 

Paying freelancers is very different from full-time employees. Freelancers need to be classified based on what type of job they do, how often they will do it, and if that work is vital to your business. We make sure each freelancer is correctly classified as 1099 or W2.

Deliver Value Across Your Entire Team 

With AllWork, you’ll have one centralized, secure system of record where you can easily track your spend, manage the work being done, and ensure that you are fully compliant. 

CFO And Finance

Your finance team saves time and money by having one system of record for all freelancer payments.

Human Resources

HR managers have access to all onboarding documents, work statuses, and payment history.


Centralize all of your legal documents and completely outsource all onboarding and classification of freelancers.

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