Will Freelancers Replace Full-Time Employees? The Majority of Executives Say Yes.

Freelancers on the rise

According to a new report released by Ceridian, a human capital management software firm, 62% of global executives believe that freelancers, or gig workers, will substantially replace full-time employees within the next five years. The findings also shed some light on how the post-pandemic workplace may be configured, with many executives maintaining hybrid and remote work arrangements. 

More and more workers including full-time, salaried employees are starting to see the benefits of a flexible working environment. One where they can tap into multiple clients and choose when and where they work. This approach to work is increasingly becoming the norm with data showing an increasing number of companies turning to freelancers and gig workers. Businesses have begun to realize the benefits that come with hiring talent when and where you need them – for specific projects with specific skill sets.

This new Ceridian report title “Future of Work,” illustrates even further the strategies and priorities shaping work among executives globally.

The report revealed:

  • The majority (53%) of executives say they will increase the size of their team within the organization in the next 12 months, with 35% leveraging gig workers to do so. One of the main drivers for increasing team size is the need to respond to demand for services (56%).
  • 71% agree they will hire more remote employees in the next two years, with 63% agreeing that they will hire outside of their country.
  • 46% of executives plan on using AI tools for recruiting and talent management, while another 42% are already doing so.

Read the full report here.

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