Streamline contingent workforce management and payments

AllWork is the only solution that combines management software and payment services into a single, end-to-end platform for all your flexible workers. Learn more about how our platform takes the pain and hassle out of contingent workforce management.

contingent workforce planning and automation

Why customers choose us

flexible management
Flexible management
Manage flexible workforces across locations and time zones with the same platform you use for onboarding, payments, and budgeting
optimize and grow
Optimize and grow
Optimize and grow with detailed reports and complete visibility into your remote workforce
reduce admin time
Reduce admin time
Cut admin time in half with tech-powered tools for scheduling, timesheets, and reporting.
reduce labor cost
Reduce labor cost
Onboard and manage freelancers without paying a staffing agency, saving your business millions of dollars a year
Built-in communication
Improve communication and collaboration between managers and field teams
GPS verification
Rely on GPS verification to always know that staff is in the right place at the right time
Workforce management made simple and pain-free
All-in-one, customized model for management, budgeting, payments, and more
Mobile tools designed for today’s remote workers, including integrated chat
Technology to streamline scheduling, attendance, onboarding, compliance, budgeting, payroll, and more
Integrated apps for freelancers and managers to use from anywhere
Attendance tracking with built-in GPS for automatic verification
Flexibility to bring your own talent
Complete control over the hiring and recruiting processes
Traditional workforce 
management methods
Inefficient, time-consuming tools and processes that get in the way of productivity
Multiple solutions that don’t integrate with one another and aren’t customized for your business.
Outdated legacy platforms and the need to toggle between apps
Time and money wasted on busywork, with a risk of penalties or fines for lack of compliance
Need to layer on apps and services for operations and communication
Paper timesheets, manual check-ins, and constant vigilance
Built-in costs for talent services and staff solutions you don’t need or want
Reliance on outside providers who don’t know your brand and require constant guidance

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No, AllWork is not a staffing agency. You bring your own talent, and we’ll do the rest. That means you get to choose the right individuals to work for your business, and you don’t need to pay expensive staffing agency premiums for services you really don’t need. Before AllWork, big and small brands had no technology to manage critical parts of their business. Now they can cut the cord with costly temp and staffing agency fees, putting those dollars back into their bottom line.

Here’s what we take off your plate:

  • All basic payroll and HR responsibilities
  • Administrative tasks related to onboarding, such as i9 verification, W-2 paperwork, direct deposits, and work visa applications
  • Classification of flexible workforce as W-2 or 1099 workers
  • Health benefits for freelancers working an average of 30 hours per week consecutively for 6 months
  • Ensuring compliance with all federal, state, and local labor laws and regulations
  • Training managers and field talent on how to use our platform and providing them with ongoing customer support

Yes. Our mobile app helps managers do their job more efficiently by significantly reducing the amount of time they spend on creating and updating schedules for their teams. They can:

  • Send new shift requests right from their phone, creating a truly on-demand scheduling experience
  • Quickly edit schedules and update shift requests for last-minute adjustments
  • Review and approve weekly timesheets with just the push of a button
  • Use our integrated chat to communicate with their entire team
Our mobile app changes the game for managers who are overseeing a remote team by helping to improve productivity and save time on scheduling while greatly improving communication and collaboration between them and their team.

You can use our platform for all scheduling and time tracking tasks related to flexible workers, while continuing to use your preferred employee scheduling software for full-time staff. Those traditional solutions are built for full-time employees, not flexible workers who receive payments on an as-needed basis. Freelancers and other nontraditional contributors require a completely different approach to management, payroll, benefits, compliance, and more. As today’s businesses continue to lean on outside talent more than ever before, they need scheduling and HR tools designed specifically for flexible workers.

Our pricing includes one flat rate based on a percentage of wages and a monthly software fee per active user. You’re only charged if you schedule talent and they work a shift, triggering a payroll action. You aren’t charged if you terminate talent, if talent departs, or if you don’t schedule freelancers during slow seasons. For more details and to receive a proposal, contact us at

Yes. For all of your talent classified as W-2 employees, AllWork would be listed as the employer of record. Note that this is different from a professional employer organization, or PEO.

Managers and talent access AllWork using our mobile and desktop apps. The free mobile app is available on iOS and Android. Managers can schedule shifts, communicate with talent, manage budgets, approve timesheets and expenses, and more. Field talent can accept bookings, submit timesheets, receive notifications, upload images, and have their attendance accurately confirmed by GPS.

To achieve an effective workforce planning strategy, managers and other business leaders need to oversee a multitude of core responsibilities and functions. These may include:

  • Scheduling flexible workers based on their availability and your organization’s needs
  • Recording and monitoring attendance
  • Reviewing and approving timesheets
  • Sharing assets like training materials, sales collateral, task lists, and display photos with workers at various retail locations
  • Enabling fast, easy communication between workers, managers, and other team members
  • Creating, adjusting, and tracking budgets to control and optimize spend
  • Generating reports to understand and optimize worker productivity, spending, ROI, and more
AllWork equips your entire team with easy-to-use, mobile-friendly tools for completing all of these unavoidable workforce planning tasks from anywhere. Managers can use our mobile app to send new shift requests right from their phone, make last-minute adjustments, review and approve weekly timesheets with just the push of a button, and disseminate information to teams in the field. Our talent app uses GPS verification to ensure that workers are in the right place at the right time, saving them the step of manually filling out timesheets. Our budgeting platform replaces hours of spreadsheet wrangling with one end-to-end planning system that adjusts in real time, giving CFOs and finance directors visibility into budgets and spending across all managers and flexible workers. And finally, our suite of in-depth reports captures all metrics related to freelancer productivity and talent spend, empowering your business to optimize on a continual basis.

We’ve designed one platform that has everything brands need to handle contingent workforce planning, payroll, benefits, compliance, and HR. We offer onboarding and training, scheduling, budgeting and planning, reporting and analytics, communication and collaboration, and more. This means you don’t have to toggle between (and pay for) multiple apps and services. Our all-in-one approach helps brands manage their talent, measure results, and improve ROI on their labor spend.

How AllWork helps businesses