3 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile App For Your Freelancers 

Mobile App for Freelancers

In today’s workforce, freelancers play a crucial role in the success of many businesses. Whether you’re a startup or a well-established company, harnessing the power of freelancers can provide you with flexibility, specialized skills, and cost-effectiveness. Something our brands at AllWork have seen first hand! But with this remote workforce comes a management challenge. So, how do you make sure that your freelancers are brought up to speed quickly on your company, receiving their work assignments quickly, and working productively? The answer here is a mobile app built just for freelancers!

While there can be MANY reasons why mobile is the way to go, these are the top benefits that we hear most from our current clients at AllWork. By investing in your freelancers and bringing technology to your team, you can tackle these challenges head-on.

1. Streamline freelancer communication

Typically, companies are managing freelancers all across the US. Because they’re remote, there can be a disconnect between freelancers and managers. Communication is most likely also happening through email or text and messages get lost, it’s hard to keep track of everything when it’s mixed with all of the other communications that you receive on your personal devices every day. None of these methods are giving managers and freelancers an efficient organized way to communicate.

By partnering with a company that gives your managers and freelance teams access to a mobile app, your team can communicate directly through the app. Giving them one organized place to record all of their messages and a quick way to connect with their team when they need to. It also encourages managers to provide feedback or praise to certain members of their team.

2. Distribute educational materials

The quicker you can bring a freelancer up to speed on your company, the quicker they can hit the ground running! So, making sure you have a seamless way to send training materials and brand guidelines is extremely important. What you and your team need here is a mobile learning center. The AllWork app has a learning library built right in that our clients and their managers will use to upload all types of training materials. As soon as they do this, these are visible to their freelancers and can be accessed at any time.

No more hunting down a lost document! Freelancers will feel more confident completing their projects because they have such instant access to training documents and product information right in a centralized learning library. This kind of success means happier, more engaged freelancers. Happier, engaged, educated freelancers equal higher productivity.

3. Freelancers want technology!

Freelancers WANT the company that they work for to be tech-savvy. We hear a lot from the talent who work for our brands how much they love that their brand is investing in them, making them feel part of the larger company as a whole, and making their work life more organized by providing all of their schedules and work materials in one place through a mobile app. So, we can’t forget about the part that technology plays when it comes to giving today’s modern workforce the tools they want and how that could impact them choose one company over another.

Make sure your company is ready for the future of freelancers!

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