What is a Labor Cloud?

What is a labor cloud?

The world of work is changing and it’s changing fast. More and more companies have recognized the need to shift to a more flexible workforce. By hiring specialized workers and having them work on-demand when and where they are needed, companies can save valuable time and resources. However, this new workforce comes with its own set of challenges. Companies must now figure out how to integrate these flexible, on-demand workers into their existing traditional workforce. This requires a technology-focused approach that will let them manage and optimize these skilled workers in a way that is much different from a full-time, 9-5 employee.

A labor cloud is a way to organize these workers in one place where managers can quickly and efficiently communicate, schedule, budget, and pay this team. In a labor cloud, companies would manage all of the talent they need to get something done in a single platform. Companies can use labor clouds to deploy talent to the exact assignments that fit their needs best and only where and when they are needed the most. This database of talent allowed for a true on-demand workforce model. Unlike staffing agencies, a labor cloud is comprised of a companies’ own labor force. This allows them to retain much more control over each worker and is a more cost-effective solution than traditional staffing agencies. By using a labor cloud to source and manage their own team, companies can save between 20-30% compared to using a staffing agency or managed service provider. Imagine what your team could do with that money back in the budget!

Why Your Company Needs a Labor Cloud

Flexibility has become critically important in today’s market. Companies need to have the option to quickly deploy talent in an organized way. Labor Clouds allow for this workforce management flexibility by putting the whole team on one technology platform. Managers would have the control they need to access the exact skilled worker that is needed for a specific shift or project and ensure consistent quality throughout the process. You can build a labor cloud based on the different skills, locations, and certifications that are most important to your business.

Imagine a scenario where you might need a high-end selling specialist to work an event this weekend. Since you have already hired and vetted your team, you can access your labor cloud and find the perfect person who has already been pre-qualified to work for your company. You can see that this person has the correct training and certifications and has a high-performance rating. On the same platform, you could then schedule them and provide detailed information about the event, location, and selling expectations. Then at the end of the event, you’d receive feedback, photos from the event, and sales numbers. That’s the beauty of a labor cloud. Everything is located in one place with your team ready to go.

In the end, creating a labor cloud for your business could help to:

  • Maximize the cost and productivity of your workforce.
  • Streamline the hiring and vetting process of your team.
  • Create one organized system of record for your entire workforce.
  • Create the flexibility you need to finish projects faster by making sure you have access to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.
  • Increase the accuracy of the projects being completed.

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