AllWork Can Help You Create a Virtual Sales Team

In the wake of the recent COVID-19 crisis, many of our clients at AllWork have been faced with the challenge of how to relaunch their in-store field team as a digital, contactless sales force. Almost overnight the world of retail was turned upside down and brands had to pivot their usual face-to-face interactions into online ones.

Some of our clients have come up with creative ways to continue to use this valuable sales team online through virtual makeup classes, one-on-one digital consultations, or even having them create education materials or pitch in with customer support teams. Whether in-store or online, the challenges of managing a remote workforce remain the same. Brands still need a seamless way to schedule, manage, and pay this team.

Even when stores reopen, there will still be a smaller segment of your workforce that will be going back into retail right away. Chances are, we will be seeing a focus on online sales extend far into the coming months. In fact, according to a recent study, even after the crisis is over, 60% of consumers expect to shop online more frequently compared to before the shutdown. The role of your store employees may need to evolve in a more long-term way and brands who start preparing now with the proper workforce management tools will come out on top.

At AllWork, we understand how important it is to make sure you’re setting your team up for success. Our end-to-end platform contains everything needed to effectively distribute schedules, aggregate digital timesheets, and pay your hourly, remote workforce. We even have a mobile app that lets talent clock-in and out of shifts and record any sales — right from their home! Having all of your budgeting, scheduling, and time and attendance tools in one place is critical to seamlessly managing your team.

With our workforce management platform, we can help you transition your store associates into an online, digital workforce in order to recreate as much of the in-store experience as possible. We’ve learned some of the best business practices from our current clients over the past few months who have used our tools to optimize operations, drive sales and improve customer loyalty even during this challenging time for retail.

If you’d like more information on how the AllWork platform can help you manage and pay your remote team – both in-store and online – please reach out to