Why Your Hourly Team Needs a Scheduling App

Scheduling App

In any company, technology has become essential for organizing staff and their schedules. Having the ability to create flexible schedules lets managers forecast future needs during certain seasons, months, weeks, or even hours of the day. This simply isn’t possible when using old-school and outdated methods like paper schedules or making one-off phone calls. Inconsistent customer service and scheduling can leave sales on the table, something that no business wants. Using a scheduling app means that you can instantly distribute work schedules and schedule individual talent by hour, by retailer, and by individual location. No more under or over staffing.

Managers have enough responsibilities to handle within the workplace so a well-designed scheduling app can be a major stress reliever. This way, all information can be documented in one place, and the entire staff can see their weekly schedule. With the right mix of technology, data analysis, and input from managers, organizations can create more optimal schedules. In fact, according to a study by McKinsey & Company, utilizing a data-driven approach to scheduling and budgeting can improve customer service and produce between 4 and 12 percent in cost savings.

On-Demand Scheduling is the Future of Work

Without technology, true on-demand scheduling wouldn’t be possible. With a scheduling app, you can send shifts on the fly while adapting quickly to call-outs or no-shows. Imagine being able to open an app and quickly see your entire hourly team, being able to select a top salesperson, and sending them a shift request instantly. Flexibility has become critically important in today’s market. Companies need to have the option to quickly deploy talent in an organized and on-demand way. Scheduling apps allow for this flexibility by putting the whole team on one technology platform. Managers would have the control they need to access the exact skilled worker that is needed for a specific shift or project and ensure consistent quality throughout the process.

Implementing a scheduling app for your hourly team could help to:

  • Maximize the productivity of your workforce.
  • Ensure accurate time and attendance with GPS verification.
  • Create one organized system of record for your entire workforce.
  • Create the flexibility you need to schedule last minute shifts with the touch of a button.
  • Keep your team engaged by allowing them to take control of their schedules.

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