Workforce Management Software: 101

Workforce management software

There are a lot of thoughts running through a manager’s head at any point in time. From scheduling employees to balancing budgeting, it takes hard work to oversee a team – even more so if that team is remote. Fortunately, the innovative culture of the digital age we are living in means there are new solutions to make nearly anything work more efficiently. With inventory management systems, managers can stay on top of their inventory and optimize a strategy based on the ebb and flow of business. So why isn’t workforce management software just as popular?

A good workforce management system will provide everything your company needs to oversee their remote field force in one place. It’s critical to stay organized with one system of record including scheduling, budgeting, accurate time & attendance, and even payroll. That way, there are no steps missed. Nothing falls through the cracks in your management plan when you’re utilizing the right technology.

So, what should you be looking for in workforce management software for your team?

Simplified, Flexible Scheduling

Streamlined, automated processes can save valuable time and free up the manager from tedious tasks. Technology is capable of optimizing schedules according to employee requests, as well as performance ratings, so you no longer have to deal with complicated manual scheduling. Managers can also save time by using automated timesheets and attendance records, which are recorded by the employee through an app and sent directly for processing.

There’s no reason to put up with the chaotic environment associated with remote talent management – especially when there are workforce optimization solutions out there to navigate the space for you. You have already learned how to balance your inventory according to the flow of business. Too much stock means dealing with the costs of storing and displaying it; too little stock means lost revenue that proper inventory levels could have generated.

The same truth applies in balancing employees; poor scheduling can lead to shifts that are overstaffed, where money is lost due to inefficient scheduling, or understaffed shifts, where money is lost due to unnecessary overtime payments and missed sales opportunities. With workforce management software, displaying who is working where and when means you can avoid the chaos and easily revise the schedule, especially when the need is urgent.

Real-Time Time & Attendance

If you’re managing a remote team, it’s critical that your workforce management software contains a mobile app for your talent with GPS verification, which lets you know that talent is in the correct location where they are supposed to be working. For example, If you’re a manager based in NY and you have talent all over the country working remotely, you need to have complete visibility into your remote workforce. A mobile app with GPS verification and real-time capture is the only way to know that your team was on time and where they should be working. You’ll need to have one accurate record for all time and attendance for your hourly team.

The next step is to ditch manual timesheets. Make sure that the software you choose has an integrated timesheet feature to capture shifts and actual times worked. This ensures that the information on each timesheet is accurate and up-to-date.

Payroll & Compliance

In order for a workforce management platform to truly be end-to-end, it would need to have an integrated payroll that allows you to seamlessly pay your team. Rather than being bogged down by payroll processing, workers’ compensation insurance, and federal and state-mandated taxes and benefits, you can offload those compliance issues to a workforce management provider. This means your team will always receive the correct benefits including health, worker’s comp, insurance, and sick time.

Companies that rely on integrated payroll as part of their management software help ensure proper processing and payment of company payroll without problems. If you’re still completing your payroll in-house, you may be making costly mistakes. Ensuring you have proper payroll and compliance through a software platform can save your team time, stress, and money.

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