Want Customers to Love Your Brand? A Store is Still Key.


While the development of online and mobile shopping experiences have brought extreme convenience and on-demand features to the retail industry, not everything in business should be changed by apps and other digital platforms. Although buying products online is fast, new, and shiny, brands shouldn’t be overdependent on that style of business. Ignoring the value of an in-store experience dismissed the tried-and-true importance of being able to see and try products. Want a customer to love your brand? You need to give them a way to conveniently try something on or see it live and take it home right away.

With a store, you can allow consumers to try different products before shipping it to them while simultaneously lessening supply obligations and possible inventory concerns. Having a customer come to your store gives you the opportunity to have them interact with knowledgeable sales employees who can provide more information such as step-by-step instructions and benefits of the products. In the end, a customer still wants to have a luxurious experience

So, while it may be tempting to throw everything you’ve got into new technology, in the end, almost nothing in consumer products works as well as a great store. Being able to see and try a product leads to having a great in-store experience is usually the best relationship-builder with a consumer.

Physical stores are still important and how they are formed and how they operate will continue to adapt and evolve.

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