The AllWork Tagline, Explained

All About the AllWork Tagline. Onboard, Manage, and Pay Your Flexible Workforce.

Here at AllWork, we use a simple tagline to describe the services we provide: One platform to onboard, manage, and pay your flexible workforce (without all of the pain).

Let’s break it down and see what that means.

One platform…

AllWork is a one-stop shop for everything you need to onboard, manage, and pay all hourly, consulting, contract, and project-based workers. Instead of toggling between multiple systems and dashboards, you get a streamlined solution that bundles freelancer management software and payment services together. And it’s all available for one convenient fee, saving you time and money compared to a patchwork of different subscriptions that may or may not integrate with one another.

…to onboard…

In recent years, all types of organizations have come to rely more heavily on flexible workers. That trend is expected to continue: 6 in 10 C-suite executives from around the globe believe that gig workers will substantially replace full-time employees at their company within the next 3 years, a 2022 study by the management company Mercer found. Depending on your organization, you might call upon project-based contributors to handle seasonal shopping surges, help launch new products, fill in critical gaps, or lend specialized expertise. But no matter how they add value, these individuals play a vital role in supporting your business.

However, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to get your flexible workforce up and running. This labor-intensive process bogs down your internal staff with manual tasks like gathering and reviewing paperwork, drafting and sending contracts, and properly classifying contractors as 1099 or W2 workers to steer clear of fees and penalties. AllWork handles all of these onboarding steps for you,. We even do the work of monitoring federal, state, and local compliance regulations so you don’t have to think about it. As a result, your employees have more bandwidth than ever for high-value pursuits that drive innovation, improve customer satisfaction, and move your business forward.


What’s involved in the effective management of a flexible workforce? The list goes on and on, comprising of a multitude of core responsibilities and functions. These may include:

  • Scheduling flexible workers based on their availability and your organization’s needs
  • Recording and monitoring attendance
  • Reviewing and approving timesheets
  • Sharing assets like training materials, sales collateral, task lists, and display photos with workers at various retail locations
  • Enabling fast, easy communication between workers, managers, and other team members
  • Creating, adjusting, and tracking budgets to control and optimize spend
  • Generating reports to understand and optimize worker productivity, spending, ROI, and more

AllWork equips your entire team with easy-to-use, mobile-friendly tools for completing all of these unavoidable management tasks from anywhere. Managers can use our mobile app to send new shift requests right from their phone, make last-minute adjustments, review and approve weekly timesheets with just the push of a button, and disseminate information to teams in the field. Our talent app uses GPS verification to ensure that workers are in the right place at the right time, saving them the step of manually filling out timesheets. Our budgeting platform replaces hours of spreadsheet wrangling with one end-to-end planning system that adjusts in real time, giving CFOs and finance directors visibility into budgets and spending across all managers and flexible workers. And finally, our suite of in-depth reports captures all metrics related to freelancer productivity and talent spend, empowering your business to optimize on a continual basis.

…and pay your flexible workforce…

Every business needs to ensure that workers are paid accurately and on time, but any human resources professional knows it’s easier said than done. That’s why so many businesses outsource payroll, benefits, compliance, and other HR functions to professional employer organizations (PEOs). This enables internal staff to focus less on administrative tasks and more on work that really matters to their teams, leaders, and customers. In some cases, organizations may choose to streamline their HR management strategy by using an online software platform known as an HRIS.

But there’s one major challenge with typical HRIS platforms like Workday and traditional PEOs like ADP, or Paychex.  These solutions are built for full-time employees, not flexible workers who receive payments on an as-needed basis. Freelancers and other nontraditional contributors require a completely different approach to payroll, benefits, compliance, and more. As they continue to lean on outside talent more than ever before, today’s businesses need payment and HR tools designed specifically for flexible workers.

That’s where AllWork comes in. We act as the employer of record (EOR) for all your nontraditional workers, taking full responsibility for timely payments, employment benefits, HR management, and more. Not only do we onboard and pay all types of freelancers on your behalf, but we do it compliantly in all local jurisdictions across the United States and Canada – so you never run the risk of penalties, fees, or legal action. You can get started with AllWork in just 2 weeks for your flexible workers while continuing to serve as the EOR for your full-time employees.

…(without all of the pain)…

AllWork is designed from the ground up to eliminate the hassle of onboarding, managing, and paying your flexible workers. We want you to see it in action to get a real feel for how we can address your unique headaches. Request a demo today.