The Number of Americans Working for Themselves to Triple by 2020.

There’s no denying it, career success to most Americans no longer means just climbing the corporate ladder. Long gone are the days of staying at one company with your entire tenure. Now more than ever, Americans want flexibility and self-employment as a way to create the freedom to control their career in an otherwise unstable economy. Just how many of us want self-employment? A projected 42 million.

In a new survey released this week by Freshbooks, the number of Americans working for themselves looks to triple—to 42 million people—by 2020. The survey, conducted with Research Now, finds that Americans who already work for themselves are very content to keep doing so, with 97% of independent workers (up 10% from 2016) reporting no desire to return to traditional work. Of the next 27 million independent workers, 42% will be millennials.