How Technology Can Help You Hire Freelancers

Hire Freelancers

The battle for hiring this year is fierce. A large portion of the workforce is reconsidering their work-life and moving away from ridged 9-5 full-time roles. Workers are shifting where they want to work — and how. An incredible 59 million people in the US are now freelancing. By shifting to freelancing, workers are getting the flexibility that they want while choosing the work that fulfills them the most. And this trend isn’t going away. 85% of freelancers believe the freelancing world will continue to grow and become more and more common in the future.

But it isn’t just workers who are shifting to freelance. Companies are starting to realize the benefits that come from using fewer full-time employees and more freelance talent. In a recent study, most leaders say that their organization will be operating with more on-demand talent comprised of freelancers, consultants, and contractors. By using freelancers, companies also gain flexibility, access to experts in niche fields, and can assign and complete projects faster. If you plan to hire more freelancers this year, there are a few things you need to consider. Finding and keeping top freelance talent has gotten very tough with many companies competing for the same experts. But there is a secret weapon that can help you hire freelancers faster.

Today’s Workforce Expects Technology 

If you’re coming up against a hiring shortage in this new war for talent, a top way to attract and retain them is to give them workplace technology. Today’s workforce expects their employer to provide them with the tools they need to do their jobs and do them well. The modern workforce views technology as a big piece of workplace satisfaction.

On the talent side of things, they’re evaluating your company and whether or not they want to work for you not just on pay and benefits alone anymore. In fact, 48% of workers wish their workplace technology performed just like their personal technology. Now companies need to go the extra mile and you need to be prepared to provide these tools for freelancers to do their jobs efficiently.

Hire More Freelancers With a Management Platform

Hiring a freelancer is much different than working with a full-time employee. Chances are, this person is working remotely and doesn’t report to a central office. They also don’t work standard hours and can be tackling multiple projects across multiple departments. This can create a disconnect between the company and the freelancer. By implementing a freelancer management and payments platform, you can streamline and organize all freelancer projects and invoices.

At AllWork, we hear a lot from freelancers who work for our clients how much they love that their company is investing in them, making them feel part of the larger company as a whole, and making their work-life more organized by providing all of their projects, invoices, and work materials in one place. Having loyal people who stay with your company for a long time can drive success across the entire company. We can’t forget about the part that technology plays when it comes to giving today’s modern workforce the tools they want and how that could impact them choosing one company over another.

By having the right management and payment tools in place for your team, you can help everyone in your business work together more efficiently including your freelancers.

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