Defining the B2B On-Demand and Outsourced Talent Market

Defining the outsourced talent market

We wanted to share a recent research report conducted by Catalyst Investors, who took a look at the on-demand talent market and the rise of the freelancer economy. AllWork has been included among the most important platforms for helping the retail industry leverage the growing freelancer workforce.

There are several different workforce categories for freelancers. The most common is an independent contractor. According to the Catalyst Investors Survey, 35 percent of freelancers choose to be independent contractors. To have flexibility and freedom is one of the main motives behind becoming one. Some freelancers choose to be diversified workers, where they function under a traditional and freelance manner. The opportunity to earn income in multiple areas inspires them to embrace both styles.

Now more than ever, companies must adapt to the desire by workers for more flexibility in their schedules. This report looks at the talent market as it shifts to a more on-demand and outsourced model. At AllWork, we see this happening on a daily basis as our clients ask us for new and innovative solutions to adapt to this change in the future of work.

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