What is a “Freelance Lite” Employee?

This week, Forbes writer Jon Younger touched on an interesting new topic related to the world of flexible work. We’ve all seen drastic changes in the workforce over the past few years with the pandemic and the subsequent Great Resignation upending how we think about employee engagement, employee satisfaction, and the future of the workplace. […]

The Top Freelance Jobs In 2022

The number of workers in the US choosing freelance work over traditional 9-5 jobs has exploded in recent years. With about 60 million people in the US now freelancing, businesses need to start thinking about how to tap into this new flexible workforce. Hiring managers are feeling the pressure to hire and retain top talent, […]

3 Contractor Compliance Challenges & How to Avoid Them

If you’re working with a flexible, contractor workforce, then you’ve no doubt spent time thinking about compliance. Overseeing this type of workforce is much different from the way you manage and oversee your full-time employees. There are different compliance risks that come with classifying, managing, and paying your freelancers, contractors, consultants and anyone else who […]

Why You Should Partner With an Employer of Record (EOR)

If you are familiar with the world of HR, you may have heard the term “employer of record”. But what exactly does it mean? An employer of record, also known as an EOR, is a third-party organization that serves as the employer for tax purposes while the employee continues to perform work at a different company. […]

“Work From Anywhere” Needs A New Payment Strategy

A great re-shift of the current workforce has changed the way that businesses think about hiring and retaining talent. A record-breaking number of people have resigned from their jobs since the summer of last year – and the trend has only continued through the beginning of 2022. This so-named Great Resignation is only speeding up.  It’s interesting […]

How Are You Paying Freelancer Expenses?

If you’re working with freelancers, even just a few, then chances are you have found yourself needing to pay and process freelancer expenses. Whether these are one-off payments for events or supplies or reoccurring expenses that happen say every week or every month, trying to process them in-house can be frustrating.  It isn’t as straightforward […]

Which Industries Have The Most Freelancers And Why?

By: Sophia Elise The Gig Economy has been manifesting steady growth in the last decade. Now, it’s fueled by an influx of highly skilled professionals who are seeking more flexible alternatives to traditional work environments. Companies and hiring managers are well-aware of this and are turning more to freelancers for niche roles and projects that […]

Workforce Trends to Watch in 2022

After such a tumultuous year, there are some top workforce trends that we think will only accelerate in 2022. COVID has changed a lot of things about the way we live and work; it’s also accelerated trends that may have taken decades to evolve. In many ways, we’ve seen 25 years of change in just […]

35% of Workers Were Full-Time Freelancers in 2021

Work-from-anywhere, the Great Resignation, hybrid work schedules…there is no doubt that the past year has brought us a lot of change in the way we all work. The workforce as a whole has reevaluated what is most important to them when it comes to their careers. It’s no surprise then that this past year has […]