The Top Freelance Jobs In 2022

Freelance Jobs

The number of workers in the US choosing freelance work over traditional 9-5 jobs has exploded in recent years. With about 60 million people in the US now freelancing, businesses need to start thinking about how to tap into this new flexible workforce. Hiring managers are feeling the pressure to hire and retain top talent, especially this year with the so-named “Great Resignation” driving a reshuffle of the majority of the workforce.

Hiring freelancers means that you can access top talent when and where you need it by hiring experts to work on specialized projects. Depending on your industry, many of the new hires you may be looking to fill at the moment can be solved by working with freelancers instead. In fact, 60 percent of US business leaders surveyed would prefer to “share talent” with other companies if it means getting the expertise that they need, and 60 percent anticipate a core workforce with fewer full-time staff over the next few years.

When the pandemic first hit and many people lost their full-time roles, a lot of workers turned to freelance. And many of them are sticking with it. For many, freelance work is an overall better fit that provides them with the work-life balance and flexibility that they want. Freelancing affords them the opportunity to set their own schedule, allowing workers to have better boundaries in their work lives.

As the gig economy continues to expand, we’re seeing more and more workers leave their full-time jobs and turn to freelance work, especially in certain industries. The following job roles and industries are the most popular for freelancers in 2022 – so far.

The top freelance industries and jobs in 2022:

  1. Tech industry; web designers, graphic designers, UX/UI designers, marketers
  2. Creative industry; writers, designers, editors, photographers 
  3. Business support industry; assistants, customer service specialists, HR and recruiting  
  4. Financial industry; accountants, bookkeepers, consultants, analysts
  5. Medical and Health; counsellors, therapists, nurses, aids
  6. Education: teachers, tutors, instructional designers
  7. Beauty and Fashion; models, makeup artists, in-store sales support 

So many of today’s freelancers are highly skilled, incredibly driven, and have a wide range of experiences under their belt from working in so many different environments. Since the popularity of freelancing shows no signs of slowing down, it’s time for companies to diversify their teams and find the most efficient solution by hiring the right freelancers.

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