53% of Freelancers Are Women


Freelancing is an open environment for anyone to find their niche, work at a steady pace, and earn a sustainable living. New findings show that women are more likely to be independent workers.

While there are reasonable concerns about not having a guaranteed paycheck and steady workload, more and more women are agreeing that the traditional 9-5 structure just isn’t working well for them anymore.

Working forty hours per week eventually becomes taxing. Women face more stress based on wanting to start a family and other personal necessities. Job security is important, but living happily and comfortably should be the ultimate goal and this generation of women freelance workers represents transformative change.

The study found that:

  • Women are far more likely than men (71% vs. 51%) to freelance in order to pick up extra money.
  • They were also more likely to freelance to have schedule flexibility (58% of women vs. 43% of men) and to “have independence from such things as office dynamics” (40% vs. 26%).

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