30 Million American Now Rely on the Gig Economy

30 Million Americans Now Rely on the Gig Economy for Their Income

There are some incredible new numbers this week from a report just published by insurance giant MetLife Inc. In it, they found that about 30 million Americans rely on “gig work” as their primary income source, and 67% of full-time employees indicated that they’re looking to move to more flexible work in the future rather than their current fixed traditional jobs. In addition, the report also found that another 15 million supplement their traditional, full-time work with freelancing.

These numbers don’t come as a shock to us here at AllWork. We’ve already been seeing a rapid growth of the Gig Economy from our own clients. The truth is that the way we work has changed – and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Workers WANT flexibility. The report also found that 85% of workers in the gig economy are interested in continuing flexible work over the next five years versus a more traditional role. Companies need to shift from the old fixed 40-hour workweek to a more flexible on-demand model.

This new model is more operationally complex and requires new technology to execute at scale. A top priority for all companies in the next few years needs to be to adjust to the realities of this new business world. Those companies that use technology to appropriately position themselves to adapt to this Gig Economy are those who will have a competitive advantage.

AllWork provides one end-to-end platform purposebuilt for flexible work that makes it easier for companies and workers to connect and work together in the Gig Economy.  AllWork’s platform combines data, workforce management software and payments to help companies adapt to the future of flexible work.

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