Flexibility is Key to Finding Top Retail Talent

The evolution of the Gig Economy has demanded a drastic shift in the way companies hire and retain their employees. Retailers are finding themselves right in the middle of this shift by needing to adopt on-demand technology in order to staff their stores. Retail workers are at the heart of the business. Without them, sales would simply stop. And what do retail workers want more than anything else? Flexible schedules.

Having the ability to work flexibly is what will ultimately attract top talent to retailers – and what will make them stay. The Gig Economy has shown workers that they can use technology to work when and where they want. With unemployment at historic lows, the battle for top sales talent is raging on and retailers are realizing they need to adapt to the wants of employees if they plan to get ahead. In fact, there are currently over half a million job openings in retail. That makes for so serious hiring competition.

Freelancers Want Flexibility!

But all of this flexibility doesn’t just happen. Especially if managers are still relying on manual scheduling processes like paper schedules, phone calls, or excel spreadsheets. Retailers need a technology platform that will allow them to gather their talent pool in one place and quickly distribute and change work schedules. When evaluating an on-demand staffing platform, make sure you’re considering these features:

  1. One end-to-end system for integrated scheduling including the ability to fill last-minute shifts by broadcasting open shifts to your entire talent pool.
  2. A mobile app so sales associates can clock in and out of their shifts and submit timesheets on the go. This way, you’ll know exactly when and where your team is arriving for their shifts.
  3. Payroll and compliance. Employment laws are continuously changing so it’s important to have an experienced payroll team in place. Having payroll integrated into your staffing platform means seamless payments for your entire team.

About Allwork Inc.

AllWork helps companies more efficiently hire and manage temporary and flexible labor without the need for antiquated and expensive temporary staffing agencies. AllWork provides one end-to-end platform combining data, workforce management software, and payments to make it easier for companies and workers to connect in the Gig Economy.

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