Why Your Business Needs On-Demand Workers

On-demand Workers

There is no denying that the Gig Economy has fundamentally changed the workforce. Long gone are the days when one employee worked 40 hours a week, from 9 to 5 for the same company for their entire career. Now, workers want flexibility and they want to be their own boss. In fact, according to a research study by the Mckinsey Global Institute, between 20-30% of the global workforce is now part of this on-demand economy.

Technology is fueling a new way to work with more about more of the workforce opting into the Gig Economy. They’re driven by the benefit of being able to make their own hours and choose when and where they work. The on-demand economy may bring obviously benefits to the workers, but it’s companies who can also benefit from this new work model. Having flexible, on-demand workers means that you can schedule staff exactly when and where you need them. Rather than adding full-time employees to your headcount, you can pull from a pool of on-demand workers who have the skills needed for that particular shift or project. By only needing to call on this on-demand worker when you need them, you’re saving your business valuable time and money.

An On-Demand Workforce Needs Technology

While this on-demand way of work is being embraced by talent and companies alike with benefits on both sides, implementing and managing a flexible workforce isn’t as easy as it sounds. Without technology, you cannot have a true on-demand workforce. It simple isn’t possible to manage this workforce the same way you manage full-time employees. You need the connectivity and immediacy from a mobile app and platform that will allow you to schedule and communication with these on-demand workers. You’ll never have an on-demand workforce if you are trying to create schedules on a spreadsheet or through an email.

AllWork has created one end-to-end platform that has everything a business needs in one place to add on-demand workers to their team. We’ve created a seamless scheduling tool for managers that works with a mobile app for talent, allowing for true on-demand scheduling. Clients, both big and small, use our software to schedule, approve timesheets, seamlessly pay, and quickly communicate with their flexible workers. Our system is different from traditional workforce management companies because it was created specifically for the Gig Economy. Our mobile app fully connects talent and managers in real-time and makes on-demand staffing truly possible. By providing everything a manager needs in one place – from scheduling to budgeting to payroll – we’re ensuring full transparency into their flexible workforce with the data they need to improve ROI of spend and ultimately reduce unnecessary costs.

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