What is Shift Scheduling Software?

Shift Scheduling Software

Scheduling software will help you automate the process of sending and managing the schedule for your entire team. If your team is working remotely – in the field or in a store location – then software becomes even more crucial. Scheduling software is going to save you and your managers time and money by allowing you to send shifts in just minutes and organize your entire calendar across several locations. Make sure that the scheduling software that you choose will allow you to input all of the important information for each shift such as sales goals, notes to your team, and tasks for their shifts. A good shift scheduling tool will allow for quick changes and last-minute shifts, ensuring that your entire team has up-to-date schedules.

What Should I Look for in a Shift Scheduling Tool?

Simple, Streamlined Scheduling

Make sure that your scheduling software allows you to manage everything in one place for your entire workforce. This includes built-in budgeting and timesheet capture. You’re going to want to be able to schedule individual talent by hour, by retailer, and by individual location. This means no more paper schedules and no more under or over-staffing of a store. Think of how much time your managers will save by no longer needing to chase down employees to coordinate schedules.

It’s All in the Details

Set your team up for success by having the ability to add tasks and notes right to a shift. Your shift scheduling software should also allow you to add required breaks and important compliance information to shifts. If you’d like to set up a shift for the same time each week, make sure the platform you select lets you create reoccurring bookings.

Budgets in Real-Time

Going hand-in-hand with scheduling is your budget. Make sure you can set your budgets right in the same scheduling tool and that you’re able to quickly make adjustments. Also critical is the ability to see your budgets updating AS your scheduling. This way, you know exactly how much is left in your budget and there is no risk of going over.

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