The Key to Managing Remote Teams

Managing Remote Teams

Anyone who manages a remote team knows that there is no shortage of pain points. Making sure that everyone is scheduled correctly, showing up for their shifts on time, and being paid properly is a huge undertaking. It’s made even more complicated by not being there in person to manage and oversee your team. Managing a typical workforce is complicated enough, but a remote workforce generates additional concerns. Fortunately, talent management technology enables employers to easily realign their workforce strategies to reduce inefficiencies, save on overhead expenses, and create more productive teams.

Scheduling Software

The first important step is being able to schedule your entire remote team all in one place. Having scheduling software that allows you to see across all of your regions will let you quickly see gaps and make adjustments. This is something that you simply can’t do with an Excel spreadsheet. f you were able to see your sales performance by store and by door in real-time, you could schedule people where they have the most impact on sales. You wouldn’t need to wait until the end of the month or the end of the quarter. Instead, you could flexibly decide when and where talent is most productive. This real-time insight into scheduling means you can make good business decisions even faster.  Online scheduling software can make this a reality for your remote team.

Time & Attendance

How do you know that your employee is showing up on time for their 10 am shift? Chances are, you don’t. With all of the technology available today, there’s no need to fly blind anymore. When you use a mobile app for time and attendance, you can better track when and where employees are working. Having an exact clock in and clock out times means you’re only paying for the exact times when an employee is in the store. This completely eliminates errors or inaccurately reported time that happens with a manual timesheet process.

Integrated Payroll

With integrated payment management tools, neither employers nor workers need to worry about the compensation-related risks. Payment software solutions allow timesheets and reimbursement requests to be submitted virtually and appropriate payment to be sent automatically. Compliance with labor laws can become rather complicated, with companies having to juggle local, state, and federal policies to determine a worker’s status. Many talent management solutions available today can handle this by determining employment status and classifying compensation accordingly. As needed or desired, these solutions can also manage other compensation, like benefits and healthcare.

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