The Future of Flexible Work: a conversation with our CEO Glenn Laumeister

The HUGE growth of the gig economy has created challenges for companies. All of a sudden, they needed to figure out how to manage this new flexible workforce. That’s where AllWork comes in. In the latest UpTech Report, our CEO Glenn Laumeister, discusses the platform we built to help manage a 21st-century workforce. Here are some of his key takeaways from the episode:

The Gig Economy is Happening Now

AllWork is connecting gig workers to their employers at scale. No one in the gig economy wants to work a rigid 40-hour week and companies need to adapt and create a more flexible staffing environment. In 5 years, 75% of our workforce will be millennials or younger and they don’t want to work the way their parents did. They’re digital-focused and want to get their jobs on an app and click a button to accept work. Today’s technology at most companies doesn’t allow for that.

Technology is Now a Must-Have

Our customers have never been given technology built for how they work. Maybe they’re using generic scheduling software or budgeting on an Excel spreadsheet or other manual tasks just to try and get the job done. But what we’ve done is build specific, vertical-focused technology with all elements in one place. Now they have something that’s been built just for their industry.

A huge piece of our technology is creating actionable data. We’re putting power back into our clients’ hands by giving them entire shift reports with notes, photos, sales numbers… everything they need. Now they can go back to their team and make changes that directly impact business goals. Our clients use our data and technology so they can do it themselves.

In the old days, you had to buy a huge, expensive software system like Workday or Chronos that you had to integrate with everything and it was very difficult to get up and running. But we’ve made our platform very accessible so in 5 years someone should be able to come to our platform, sign themselves up, and get started with no implementation. We see a fully democratized system for employers and employees to connect.

The Power is in the Hands of the Workers

Companies like Uber have changed the way we work more than people realize. Younger generations now see that there is a way for them to make money on their terms without a commitment — and they don’t want to go back to the way their parents worked. The power is now in the workers’ hands. And this changes the way companies now have to interact with this workforce. What we want to do it get in the middle of that interaction and help both sides get what they need.

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About Allwork Inc.

We help companies shift from a traditional staffing model to a more efficient on-demand workforce management model. We provide the technology to companies enabling them to best manage and leverage their flexible workforce to reduce costs and increase sales by ensuring their talent is in the right locations at the right times.

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