Sephora Named Store Concept of the Year

This week, Retail Dive announced their end-of-the-year awards, which are handed out to the best stores, products, and the top disruptors and innovators in the retail industry. While there are certainly plenty of contenders, these years’ awards have come under even more of a spotlight after all of the doom and gloom surrounding the retail industry this past year. While much of the focus in the news has been on those companies who have closed up shop or seen a slowdown, these winners are here to prove that the industry is far from apocalyptic. In fact, innovation and reinvention are around every corner. None more so than Sephora.

Where most brick-and-mortar stores stumble, Sephora has continued to find its footing and has long been at the forefront of experiential marketing. What makes Sephora stand out is its perfect combination of knowledgeable store associates and digitally-enabled experiences. A study by the Fashion Institute of Technology found that millennials were more likely to purchase from retailers who focused on experience and community. Customers still want to enter a store and have an experience. It just needs to be a great one. That’s where Sephora thrives and proves that great sales associates can make all the difference as the face of your brand.

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