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What Retail Technology Needs To Do Next

Leaders agree that people are the difference between success and failure in retail stores. AllWork is revolutionizing the way brands hire employees, schedule their shifts, and train them when they’re in far-flung locations. Their platform helps with payments, administration, scheduling, budgeting and benefits and can expand into many industries.

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AllWork’s Solution for the Beauty Industry’s Army of Gig Workers

A new California bill, known as AB 5, went into effect in January and has increased awareness for the need to properly categorize workers. AllWork CEO Glenn Laumeister shares his insight on how beauty brands can stay on the right side of the law.

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The Future of Flexible Work: a conversation with Glenn Laumeister

Workforces are becoming more flexible and fluid than ever—and companies are facing increasing challenges managing contingent labor pools and navigating the new gig economy. In this episode of UpTech Report, our CEO Glenn Laumeister, discusses the platform we built to help manage a 21st-century workforce.

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Beyond Uber: Why AllWork is Building Enterprise Workforce Management for the Gig Economy

Without new technology, companies can’t efficiently connect & interact with flexible workers. This is why AllWork is building the future of flexible work. We’re here to help corporate America connect and interact with this freelance population. We speak with enterprise clients all the time and while they’re converting more of their workforce to flexible workers, they aren’t happy with the results they’re seeing.

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Los Angeles Business Journal Fashion & Beauty Awards: 2019 Nominee

The Fashion & Beauty Awards recognizes the top apparel and beauty companies that drive tremendous economic growth and are a major force in the business of fashion and beauty. AllWork was nominated and featured within the December 2019 issue of the Los Angeles Business Journal.


Interview with AllWork CEO, Glenn Laumeister

New cloud-based platforms that combine multiple functions into one solution are being increasingly deployed for more and more specific vertical market needs. It used to be that HR tech systems were built to serve in a horizontal fashion and were not designed with specific industries in mind — that has rapidly changed.
With the technology available today, HR has become more streamlined and effective.

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Talent Tech Labs’ Technology Ecosystem 8.0

AllWork has been featured among the most innovative technologies on Talent Tech Labs’ TA Technology Ecosystem! This go-to resource for the industry highlights the best enterprise HR tech solutions and we’re honored to be included in the new Deployment Platforms category.


Solving Beauty’s Billion-Dollar Problem

Today, beauty brands spend billions of dollars on in-store talent to drive sell-through, increase brand loyalty and improve consumer engagement. And yet, there is no effective way for brands to manage talent, measure results or improve ROI on in-store talent spend.

Even though the amount spent on in-store talent to drive sales is one of the largest expenses for most brands, the technology to measure results and optimize ROI hasn’t been developed—until now.


How Uber Has Impacted The Creation Of Many Other Companies

AllWork helps companies to manage an hourly workforce, especially when they are geographically diverse. When an employee arrives at work, they clock in on their smartphone and they are geolocated at work. If they call in sick, the app helps to reallocate other workers. The app provides help for recruiting, payments, administration, scheduling, budgeting and benefits.


Wendy Gottfried to Join AllWork as They Transform the Management of In-Store Talent for Brands and Retailers in the Beauty Industry

Wendy Gottfried will be joining AllWork as Vice President of Business Development. Gottfried joins AllWork with over 20 years of experience within the retail and beauty business. Previously, Wendy served as Vice President Divisional Merchandise Manager of Beauty, Fragrance, Lingerie and Swimwear at Saks Fifth Avenue.


AllWork App to Connect Beauty Retailers With Sales Talent

AllWork is taking a page from Uber’s playbook and is looking to connect beauty brands and retailers with the right sales talent through a new app. Not only does the mobile app provide access to talent when and where it is needed, it is a mobile management tool for all aspects of managing the beauty business.


These 12 Companies Won The Spotlight Awards for Innovation In Beauty

On September 28 in New York, a first-time conference called Beauty & Money will be held. In anticipation of the event, a panel of industry leaders have made their picks for the beauty-related businesses they believe are the most innovative and those companies will be presenting at the conference.


The Future of Staffing: Cloud-Based Staffing Platforms Make On-Demand Staffing Possible

It’s clear that in order to optimize their staffing process, companies need to move to an on-demand staffing model. To do so, they need one cloud-based platform that will provide them with all of the resources they need in one place. By being able to tap into a vertically specific talent pool, hiring managers can find qualified talent fast while management software gives them the ability to schedule talent on-demand, manage their budgets, and process payroll — all in the same place.


On-Demand Staffing Goes Mainstream

On-demand staffing, the idea that companies can engage their staff only when they need them and where they need them, is poised for a breakout year in 2018, according to Glenn Laumeister, CEO of AllWork, a software and services platform that enables on-demand talent sourcing, management, and payment.


AllWork: Flexibility is the New Full-Time

The gig economy may seem like it’s still among the latest financial trends, but in fact, it’s already starting to evolve into its next form: on-demand labor. AllWork, this Uber-of-X model has potential across every vertical that leverages an hours-based employment model.

AllWork Survey: How Millennials Look for Work

What is the new Millennial path-to-employment?

We asked 1,000 people in the job market in order to understand the good, the bad, and the effective, in how Millennials look for work today. We partnered with Women’s Marketing to conduct the survey.

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AllWork Launches Innovative On-Demand Work Platform for Retail and Brands

Officially launched this week, AllWork is a work platform that enables consumer brands to place brand and product freelancer specialists into assignments at stores of any number of different retail businesses. From our perspective, AllWork is a truly instructive example of how digital work platforms can and will enable completely new ways of arranging work.


A New Solution to Managing Beauty Department Talent

Demand for high levels of service in the beauty department is at fever pitch as retailers strive to keep shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores.

Online shopping is convenient, but beauty remains a high-touch category. “Beauty talent is the heartbeat of the industry. They [beauty advisers] are the ultimate influencers and without them, sales stop,” explained Scott Gurfein, the founder of skin-care brand Freeze 24-7.

While working with a solution for his own needs, Gurfein and a team of industry professionals crafted AllWork, a platform streamlining the process for brands and retailers of finding, managing and paying talent.

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AllWork Helps Beauty Retailers Connect with Freelancers

Is staffing getting Ubered? AllWork is a recently launched, on-demand retail staffing platform that connects beauty brands and retailers with ideal freelancers that will help create effective in-store experiences for browsing customers.

According to the company, 33% of the workforce in the United States is made up of freelancers. This is expected to rise to 40% by the year 2020.

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AllWork: A Technology Platform Transforming Retail Staffing

There is no shortage of retail technology businesses, but AllWork is the first to focus on the people who make sales happen. Having the right person in the right store at the right time can very literally be the difference between success and failure in a retailer.

If you are a brand owner or are responsible for sales, you’ve probably experienced it the hard way. Does this sound familiar? While reviewing sales by door you notice sales in a particular door plummet, and after a little digging you find out the person selling your brand and making the sales happen wasn’t there for the period in question. What follows is a scramble to find out why there was no coverage, or fill the position and stop the decline in sales.

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This NYC Startup Connects Your Retail Store With Talent

If your retail business wants to keep up with growing presence of online, you can’t just put anyone in your store to sell, you need the right person representing your brand and your product in person. The only question is, where do you start to look for someone like this; the answer is AllWork.

The on-demand freelancer staffing for the retail industry pairs up the most fitting talent to your company so that staffing retail is no longer a pain point. The startup that counts a number of Fortune 500 companies as clients is changing the in-store experience by engage customers with the right talent, at the right time.


AllWork Millennial Survey Shows New Path-To-Employment

The beauty industry is obsessed with millennials as consumers, but it’s also laser focused on attracting the best millennial talent to their organizations. This report by AllWork and Women’s Marketing shows that brands need to be more cognizant of how potential employees, specifically Millennials, perceive their businesses. In the same way consumers now “own” brand identities, employees are in control of the path to employment.

Uber of X: Retail Freelancers on Demand Via Allwork

AllWork‘s sole purpose is to help locate, vet, manage and pay workers on the retail floor. We sat down with AllWork’s CEO, Glenn Laumeister, to learn more about how the company came to be, the service it’s providing and what it hopes for the future.

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6 New Tech Startups You Need to Know

Meant for retail stores, AllWork allows them to hire, manage and pay retail staff without all the headaches of finding and onboarding those workers. Retail is changing and many stores now hire from outside service providers to staff up when needed.


Defining the B2B On-Demand and Outsourced Talent Market

AllWork has been included among the most important platforms for retail brands to leverage external tech and labor resources in a recent research report conducted by Catalyst Investors, who took a look at the on-demand talent market and the rise of the freelance economy.

Now more than ever, with the rise of the freelance economy and the flexible workforce, top companies are outsourcing their talent market and AllWork is excited to be a part of this new shift in workforce management.