Managing Supply And Demand For The Flexible Workforce

flexible workforce

By Rob Balfour, VP Enterprise Sales, AllWork 

To leverage any flexible workforce effectively, you first need to ensure that that the right employee, with the appropriate skill sets, are doing the right jobs. this will provide an optimal balance between labor supply and labor demand, which will yield optimal ROI. If your workforce management process is not functioning effectively, flexible workforce optimization will be difficult, inefficient, and costly

An on-demand workforce management program will allow you to harness your entire workforce, your existing employees and the flexible employees, while streamlining operations, reducing wasted time, cutting costs, increasing sales, and give you actionable data and insight in real-time to make better business decisions. 

A flexible workforce management solution will yield substantial cost-savings opportunities by optimizing the supply and demand for all your employees, not just those that are the contingent ones. This solution will bring together your workers, processes, and data into a highly efficient method that will significantly enhance your mangement efforts and cut costs.

It Will Save You In Management Time

A flexible workforce management solution will free up your manager’s time from cumbersome administrative tasks. When you managers spend less time in the office working on budgets, scheduling, and time and attendance, they will have more time to spend in the field developing their teams for optimal performance and improving workforce productivity.

It Will Save You In Administrative Time

When you create a highly efficient process for the management of your flexible workforce, you will reduce your administrative costs substantially. By having one system in place to manage your flexible workforce, you can streamline your processes and will increase your overall business efficiencies. The time saved will directly equate to an ROI of money saved.

Reduction in Administrative Errors

Too many companies are managing their flexible workforce through a manual process with spreadsheets, emails, and written schedules. When your company manages a flexible workforce manually, it often creates a large number of redundancies leaving a risk for admin errors. These manual processes lead to payroll and other types of errors that are costing your company money. By implementing a workforce management solution, you will eliminate preventable errors and ensure that complex payment is being followed with no errors.

Better, Informed Decisions

As a leader in your company, you can make better informed decisions and evaluate the costs and productivity of your flexible workforce by having insight and visibility to what is happening, when it is happening. You will have access to all the metrics and data you will need to make better workforce decisions. There will never be a question of having the right worker, in the right location, at the right time. This ensures you will the right balance of staff at an optimal level to increase both cost effectiveness and productivity. 

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We help companies shift from a traditional staffing model to a more efficient on-demand workforce management model. We provide the technology to companies enabling them to best manage and leverage their flexible workforce to reduce costs and increase sales by ensuring their talent is in the right locations at the right times.

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