Limited Travel to Stores? We Have You Covered

The past few months have upended all of our daily routines and changed how most companies are able to run their business. For a brand that has relationships with retail partners around the country, one of the largest challenges has been restrictions on travel. Now that stores are beginning to reopen, you’ll need to provide support. In any other year, you could have your AEs travel around their region to support retail and provide the education and sales needed.

This year, the focus needs to be on maximizing the health and safety of your team. While some states have begun lifting restrictions, it doesn’t mean it’s the best path forward for you and your team. Travel is also extremely costly at a time when most brands need to optimize their spending across the board. So, how do you eliminate the need for travel? You hire local specialists instead.

Rather than hiring additional team members and having them travel around the country, you can create an on-demand, flexible workforce with the AllWork platform. The key is flexibility. This means you can hire someone in the exact location where you need them and only have them work the exact days and hours that they’re needed. Our suite of tools allows you to hire, schedule, and manage a more efficient, localized retail sales team. Saving you the travel and the cost.

We can help you:

  • Hire local specialists
  • Schedule on-demand and for last-minute shifts
  • Maximize your agile workforce
  • Create a greater return on investment

Ready to learn more? Reach out to to schedule a demo of our system and learn more about how to optimize your sales team!