How to Use a Workforce App to Streamline Freelancer Management

AllWork Workforce App

Managing any team is hard enough, but if you happen to be in charge of a remote workforce, then you know that the challenge is even greater. Without implementing tools and technology, you have very little visibility into the scheduling, time and attendance, and productivity from your remote team. Having a workforce app means that you can connect with your entire team and streamline the management processes by having clear insights into shift times and productivity numbers. A workforce app can make your life a whole lot easier by making sure you can properly schedule your team for exactly when and where they’re most needed while capturing accurate time and attendance.

Accurate Time & Attendance is Key

Without a workforce management app for your remote team, it can be almost impossible to know that they’re arriving for their shifts when and where they’re supposed to be working.

This could mean that your company is losing budget on an employee who may not be working their entire shift. With a workforce app, you’re able to use GPS verification to make sure that team member is arriving on time and where they were scheduled for their shift.

For example, If you’re a manager based in NY and you have talent all over the country working remotely, you will have complete visibility into your remote workforce. With a workforce app, you can capture the exact start and end times of each scheduled shift when talent clocks in and out on their mobile device. Now, you’ll have one accurate record for all time and attendance for your hourly team.

Switch to Real-Time Scheduling

A workforce app means you can connect with your remote team in real-time and on the go. Right now, you may be sending emails or making phone calls to try and schedule or train your team. This is an extremely manual and time-consuming process. For every shift that goes unfilled, that’s productivity lost. By being able to schedule with a workforce mobile app means you can reduce unfilled shifts. If someone calls out at the last minute, no problem, you can schedule a shift and have talent working in the store in no time. Better coverage of shifts means that you won’t lose out on productivity and your time can be better spent on other important business goals rather than being bogged down by scheduling tasks.

Capture Important Metrics

A workforce app can also be extremely helpful for capturing and categorizing important data from your remote team. You can have your team take photos of an event, capture inventory numbers, record sales, or any other important KPIs for you and your business. Because they’re being recorded all in one place, it will now be easy to generate reports and access this information quickly. No more manual emails or spreadsheets that you may be using today to help keep track of these critical business metrics.

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