AllWork Webinar

The Future of
Beauty Retail

How emerging brands can use technology to crush their sales goals in the year ahead.

If you’re a growing beauty brand, then you’re probably looking toward new retail opportunities in 2024. At AllWork, we know that these opportunities can come with strings attached. Navigating the world of brick-and-mortar includes unique challenges that require brands to support retailers to hit their sales goals.

In this webinar, we’ll share the top ways your company can use technology to increase their sales, reduce labor costs, and ensure a successful launch – or expansion – at retail.

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

What the freelancer industry looks like today and how freelancers have become crucial to the luxury and beauty retail space.
The strategies, trends, and technologies that are redefining the beauty retail landscape.
How beauty brands can leverage technology to optimize staffing and create in-store connections with their customers.
Why a successful retail launch requires real-time data and analytics.
How brands can crush their retail sales goals in 2024!

Featured Presenter

Laura Dutile
Head of Marketing, AllWork
Laura Dutile
Laura has over six years of experience helping brands in the beauty, wellness, and luxury space increase their retail sales, reduce labor costs, and improve field operations with innovative technology solutions.

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