AllWork Webinar

5 Ways to Boost Your
Holiday Retail Sales

How do you accelerate sales without blowing your budget? Technology is the answer!

Inflation and the current economy are making consumers tighten their purse strings. To succeed this holiday season you need technology but not just ANY technology. Make sure your brand is ready to capture those critical sales by tapping into one platform to give you insights into your budget, sales numbers, and detailed reporting.

In this webinar with AllWork, we’ll share the top 5 ways your company can use technology to help increase retail sales…without blowing your budget!

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

The retail outlook heading into the 2023 holiday season and what trends are driving consumer shopping habits this year.
Why freelancers are so critical to achieving sales success during the holidays and how your brand can prepare to hire and manage this flexible workforce during a challenging labor market.
How your brand can use real-time data and analytics to understand the profitability of your accounts, store locations, and freelancers.
The top 5 ways your brand can use technology to help increase to sales, improve labor costs, and provide customization and personalization to holiday shoppers.

Featured Presenter

Laura Dutile
Head of Marketing, AllWork
Laura Dutile
Laura has over six years of experience helping brands in the beauty, wellness, and luxury space increase their retail sales, reduce labor costs, and improve field operations with innovative technology solutions.

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