AllWork is Here to Fix the Retail Staffing Industry

AllWork is the easiest way to find, manage and pay retail talent.

It’s no secret that today’s workforce has drastically evolved. There’s more connectivity, community, and flexibility associated with a career than ever before. In fact, an incredible one-third of the US workforce is now comprised of freelancers. A number that was unthinkable only ten years ago.

The looming question that remains is how do all of these freelancers match with relevant work? Hiring managers are currently stuck turning to Indeed, Career Builder, and Monster to try and fill open positions. The reality is these sites don’t allow them to reach trained employees with sales, marketing, and event skills and job posts often go unfilled.

The industries where finding and hiring freelance talent has become the most critical is in retail beauty, apparel, fashion, sporting goods, and consumer electronics. There are currently 29 million retail employees nationwide and of these, about 2 million are in freelance roles.

Brands and retailers need to find talent that is vertical-specific to their needs, quickly hire this talent and then manage them once they’re deployed into retail locations. Introducing, AllWork, the first end-to-end talent solution for doing just that.

Why AllWork?

AllWork was founded after we noticed a significant gap in the way retailers sourced and hired their talent. At the end of the day, without qualified talent, in-store sales simply won’t happen. We set out to create the best platform to connect all of the top industry talent and brands under one roof. Our talent consists of more than just salespeople; these are brand ambassadors who are dedicated to helping brands reach their goals.

If you’ve ever purchased a fragrance or beauty product from a department store, then you have interacted with a freelance sales employee who is sourced by a brand to represent them within a specific store. These employees have to be not only amazing sales people but knowledgeable, trained and passionate about a specific product.

How can AllWork help retailers?

In-store talent drives the heart of the industry and managing profitability from each store and each freelancer is key. Employers desperately want to fill open retail positions and AllWork’s platform allows any retailer to access an on-demand and flexible workforce. Now they can deploy talent where and when they need them.

What is AllWork’s Goal?

Our goal is to enable the future of the on-demand retail freelance workforce. You would think that an industry that lives and dies by its retail talent would have an efficient way to find, manage AND pay that talent. Unfortunately, that has never been the case. AllWork handles their workforce from start to finish – including scheduling, timesheets, sales and productivity reports, messaging, and insurance – all in one place.

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