These 8 Retailers are OPENING stores in the US

While news about the retail industry has had the spotlight on the demise of the larger chain stores, smaller, previously e-commerce focused brands are prime for a takeover of brick-and-mortar locations. These brands know the value of having in-person interactions with their customers and, instead of sticking to online only, are actually expanding into retail offerings around the country.

This strategic shift is important because it shows that not everything in the retail industry is doom and gloom. The truth is, retail isn’t declining, it’s evolving. New brands are ready to take center stage and last month, CNBC selected their top brands to watch as they expand beyond online and into the retail landscape.


This women’s clothing brand is built around offering shoppers “fewer, better things,” and already has three physical stores, one in New York and two in California.


Untuckit has already established a strong presence in the retail landscape across the country and plans to have 50 stores by the end of 2018.


After initially testing pop-up stores, this second-hand handbag company opened two permanent stores in New York. The shops are designed like high-end boutiques with beautifully presented designer items.

Outdoor Voices

This online athletic apparel upstart is already fairly well established in the retail world. They plan to open five more shops by the end of 2018 with a long-term plan of having a store in every state.


Women’s apparel retailer MM.Lafleur has made their New York location permanent after testing it as a pop-up concept. They’ve already amassed a loyal following online, and its new store is known for superb customer service

Adore Me

This lingerie company, born online, is planning to open as many as 300 stores over the next five years to go after Victoria’s Secret. Many of the initial locations are slated to roll out in New York.

Suit Supply

With 100 stores globally, namely, in the U.S., China, the U.K. and Russia, this custom suit company is gearing up for an even bigger expansion in the US.


While they started as an online clothing thrift store, Thredup opened its first store in an outlet center in Texas last year and now has plans for more than 100 locations.