67% of E-Commerce Brands Have Opened Physical Stores

While you may only be hearing about the doom and gloom of the retail industry lately, there is actually an interesting phenomenon happening behind the scenes. Dozens of popular e-commerce brands are actually opening brick-and-mortar stores and making the move into an interactive, omnichannel experience for their consumers. All in an effort to create a new type of ‘connected retailer’.

Findings by retail omnichannel platform Hero show that a staggering 67% of these online brands have now launched a physical store or showroom in the past 36 months.

Unlike retailers who see their website as an extension of their stores, these brands regard themselves as e-commerce businesses with physical spaces. They aren’t just opening traditional stores, but are instead upping the ante by creating experiences and interactive formats to keep consumers engaged and converting. “Because they know brick-and-mortar stores convert at anywhere up to 30% — much higher than their websites, physical stores have a killer advantage that is — at present — missing from e-commerce; expertise from associates.”

Smart e-commerce companies are taking this knowledge and running with it. They have become the retail disruptors who see the opportunity in providing human-led experiences, with their stores and associates at the heart of this growth.

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