Google Has More Freelancers Than Full-Time Employees

Yes, you read that headline right. One of the largest companies in the world has more freelancers on its staff than full-time employees. Google’s workforce is now comprised of 120,000 contractors/freelancers, more than the number of permanent employees on its payroll, which was around 102,000. Google itself has stated that its main reasons for hiring […]

Is Your PEO Set up to Help You Pay Freelancers?

Human resource teams in any business wear many hats. From completing administrative tasks such as payroll, addressing performance issues, and providing benefits, there are a lot of moving pieces to support their organization. HR challenges can be a burden to businesses and slow down hiring and growth, which is why many companies, especially small or medium-sized […]

Hiring Shortage? Freelancers can Fill the Talent Gaps

There has been a whole lot of talk lately about the great resignation. The past two years have caused full-time workers to reconsider their priorities. A lot of them are coming to the same conclusion and choosing flexibility in their careers and leaving their traditional jobs behind. While this trend towards choosing freelance, flexible work over […]

What Are The Penalties For Misclassifying Freelancers?

If you’ve started working with more freelancers this year, your company and your HR department may have come up against something they’ve never had to cover before – freelancer classification. While classifying full-time employees is straightforward, they are W2 employees who need taxes withheld and are entitled to certain benefits, classifying freelancers can be messy. Misclassifying […]